As many of you (that actually visit occasionally) probably have noticed, the site is pretty much… Gone. This is due to two reasons. One being that I was not originally hosting the website myself, and had it transferred over to me, and didn’t migrate the information for my second reason, which is that I wanted it to be a fresh start. I did, however, save my video game list, as well as all the reviews that were ever posted on the old site. The reviews will be added later on when I find a good way to add them into the site.

Moving on to other things. I have started slowly moving from broadcasting on Twitch, to making videos on YouTube. I will be broadcasting a bit the next few days though, if my health approves of it, to participate in Scares 4 Charity, organized by Rencamo. From there, I will be continuing my Let’s Play videos of Super Mario Sunshine and Mirror’s Edge when I find the time. If you haven’t already, I do suggest Subscribing to me on YouTube, hehe.

And lastly, for some odd reason, I’ve felt the need to do some video game coaching. I feel as though there are a lot of “gamers” that don’t really deserve said title, but want to deserve it. Yes? No? Maybe? I’m not really sure if it’s a good idea or not. Regardless, I think I’d do well at helping others improve on their skills, if you can call them that.

Well, that’s just an update about me as of lately. Hope someone actually reads the stuff I do. I’ll try to get into writing more as well, so keep an eye out. Love you all, have a good one.